Retrosnub Sanesecurity Update Script

This is the home of fetch-sanesecurity-sigs, a script for installing and updating the Sanesecurity phishing and scam signatures for ClamAV. The script was written by Malcolm Scott of Retrosnub Internet Services, with valued contributions from members of the Sanesecurity community.

Stable version

Use this version if in doubt. It has been tested more than the development version below.

svn checkout svn:// sanesecurity

Downloading via Subversion is recommended, as you will be able to update to the latest version at any time using svn update; this should also merge any local changes (e.g. to the script's configuration) with the updates. If you are unable to use Subversion, you may instead download the current version.

Development version

This contains the very latest modifications, and may not work as expected. It is not recommended to use this version on a production system. You should download this version only if you would like to help out by testing the script, or if you want to submit a patch.

  • Download the potentially unstable development version via Subversion:

svn checkout svn:// sanesecurity

(or download the current snapshot)

Problems and suggestions

If you are experiencing problems with this script, or have a suggestion for a possible feature, please check whether anyone has reported it already, and if not, open a new ticket. Please be as descriptive as possible; include the complete text of any error messages, and information on which version of the script you are running.

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